Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Renew Insuran Kereta Murah. Ada 15% Refund Jika Tiada Claim.


Insurans dan road tax kereta anda hampir tamat? Masih mencari insurans kereta terbaik? Selama ini adakah anda membuat bayaran kepada syarikat insurans kereta tetapi anda tidak pernah claim sekalipun? Adakah insurans kereta anda hangus? 

Sekiranya anda membayar insurans kereta tetapi bila tiada claim, semua bayaran insurans kereta anda itu hangus, maka anda telah rugi banyak.

Dengan pelan Motor Takaful dari Takaful Malaysia, anda tak perlu risau lagi kerana insurans kereta anda tidak hangus 100% jika tiada claim. Malah anda akan dapat balik rebate 15% dari takaful Malaysia.
Macam ni baru berbaloi dan jimat.

Lindungi kereta anda dengan insuran kereta murah. Dapatkan refund 15% jika tiada claim.
Lindungi kereta anda dengan insuran kereta murah. Dapatkan refund 15% jika tiada claim.

For more extensive coverage, you might want to consider our COMPREHENSIVE type of cover. Not only you will get everything that we offer in the THIRD PARTY type of cover, you will also get indemnity for the loss or damage to your vehicle or its spare parts arising out of the following events :
  • accidental collision or overturning.
  • collision or overturning caused by mechanical breakdown.
  • collision or overturning caused by wear and tear.
  • impact damage caused by falling objects provided not resulted from convulsion of nature.
  • fire explosion or lightning.
  • burglary, housebreaking or theft.
  • malicious act.
  • while in transit.
You can also apply for additional coverage which include :
  • windscreen
  • accessories
  • additional authorized driver
  • MPA (Motorist Personal Accident)
A step to heighten the efficiency of service to our participants, the Tele Bantuan programme provides FREE TOWING SERVICE from the point of accident to the nearest Takaful Malaysia panel workshop, 24 hours daily, anywhere in Malaysia.

Also, if there are no claim occure, you are entitle to get 15% cash back rebate from Takaful Malaysia.
2013 refund kepada pencarum RM30 juta. 5 tahun RM137 juta. Anda masih memilih yang lain? Rugi, rugi.
2013 NCB diberikan RM30 juta. 5 tahun berjumlah RM137 juta. Anda terlepas peluang?

Dapatkan rebate 15% lagi jika anda tidak claim. 55% + 15% = 70% diskaun insuran kereta anda.
Bayar insuran kereta dapat rebate 15% lagi. Macam ni baru berbaloi baloi.

For Application, please fill in below form.

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